The Man Behind The Wolves - Film

#GOT – Odin & Thor from GAME OF THRONES

Cold wind is pulling on his long hair, the waves of the north sea crush on the cliffs of the irish shore as two wolves and two boots find their way through the waving grass. This is the home of William, the owner of the probably most famous dogs of the world right now.

We are always looking for stories behind the people and William Mulhall has a lot to offer regarding this issue.
Not only can he look back on a great career of his 2 direwolves Summer & Grey Wind đŸș, also he has been working with and for HBOÂŽs „Game of Thrones“.
In this portrait we get to know the hopes and fears of a man that has still a long way to go in life.

The Movie / #GOT

Teaser 1 – #GOT

Teaser 2 – #GOT


Production: C’EST LA WHAT & Le Buzz Studio
Producer: Eugen Mai
Director: Jan Watzlawick
Script: Jan Watzlawick
Creative Director: Pascal Wabnitz
Postproduction: Jonathan Barbir
Color Grading: Stefan King
DoP: Daniel Helgert
Starring: William Mulhall, Summer & Grey Wind